Thursday, October 27, 2011

Gratitude....Spa Day 2 and 3!

I want to thank Danielle Kempke for her awesome contribution to the Bratz Makeovers for kids!! I received the following in the mail today (Bratz Spa Day 3).

How cute is that dress and those shoes?!?!  (^_^)
And she sent me this as a gift...

Imagine my surprise?! :D I'll say it a million times or more....

So here is Spa Day 2...

I should have posted the 2nd Bratz makeover a couple days ago, but I have been a bit busy. 
Today was actually Spa day 3 and it went as follows....

It got a little crazy at the end. :)  Hope everyone enjoyed the pictures. 

Thank you for following and reading all of my doll related ramblings!! 

-Cat of A Doll Affinity


  1. wwwwoooow!!u've done a great work!! I did the same with my chilhood Barbies!! have a look:

    hope u like it!! keep in contact =)

  2. LOL...I fainted over her when Haven walked out with no shirt. You did a fabulous job on the girls. What a wonderful contribution from Danielle. Some little girl(s) going to be very happy.

  3. Divina mente- Thank you!! :) That is so cool what you are doing with your dolls! Nice blog!

    Tracy- LOL I was trying to think of what I would do if I were a Bratz doll, who'd just had a makeover and could go anywhere in my little dolly world. It wasn't hard for me to narrow it down to Haven's room. ;) Haha! Can't blame a girl. lol I have to have all the stuff for donation ready by November 18th. Not too far away now.