Monday, November 7, 2011

Nahla's first Family members revealed, and much more!!!

Warning: This entry is full of pictures and details the exciting fun that has been going on in the world of A Doll Affinity! All comments welcome! 

I haven’t blogged in a few days, and with good reason. Many of you saw the re-rooted Kiko (Haven’s younger sister), but what I haven’t yet stated is that within 2 days of completing that re-root I started and finished another “one day” re-root. Yes, I have gone re-rooting mad! I still have to re-root Persephone’s sister, but I haven’t yet ordered her hair. Ah, and Kiko’s character profile is up, and can be found HERE (just scroll down).  I have 2 customizations I am working on to sell. Stay tuned for those, as I hope to have them done this week.  But if I only complete one I will consider it a triumph.  They are far more involved than a lot of my other projects. 

Here is the 2nd re-root I did last week. I named her Florence, in honor of one of my FAVORITE music artists, (see video below pictures if interested).  I know she doesn’t look like her, but she is the closest redhead I have in her resemblance. I found the dedication appropriate because Florence + The Machine’s new album just dropped a few days ago.  She is formerly a Mystery squad Kenzie, and I re-rooted her in a 3 color custom blend.  See Tracy, I finally got around to her! lol

 Music video by Florence + the Machine ^^

I have super exciting news on the front of Nahla’s family.  She has a sister named Chandra, and Chandra has a lovely little family of her own.  (See pictures below and Chandra’s character bio HERE just scroll down) Finally some cute little ones! Don’t worry there will be more, Nahla has a rather large family.  I plan on slowly introducing those characters as Doll Drama progresses.   I also received Nahla’s Dad today. No pictures of him yet, but they will be posted once Nahla’s mom gets a body.  If any of you have a body that would match Barbie Basics Jeans 2.0 Model #8 that you are willing to part with please contact me at . My only request is that the arms are at least articulated at the elbow. A larger bust size would be even more ideal, but I am willing to accept just jointed elbows. Oh, and reasonably priced is a huge plus too! :)

Here is Chandra and her Family… 

Pictured Above: Nathaniel, Chandra, Markus, and Tiana

On a final note, I had finally found the perfect father for Haven and Kiko. Here he is… 

But much to my horror I woke up today to see that they allowed me to pay for something they didn’t actually have in stock. So my money was refunded, and I am back at square one. If any of you have seen or know where I can find the fella in the picture above please let me know. William, of 1/6th Point of View, has been such a HUGE help with action figure information. If any of you have any questions about action figures, I recommend you ask him. Thanks again William! He is the reason I knew what body to put this head on. I refuse to give up on finding action figures for Doll Drama. Mattel just doesn’t offer all I need. So, it’s time to branch out. A lot..

Episode 13 is coming tonight, and Kiko will be making her debut! I hope all of you will be tuning in and leaving your amazing feedback! Sending lots of  love to each of you and all that you do! 

Thank you for following me!!

-Cat of A Doll Affinity


  1. I can't say I know enough about Florence to be a fan but we saw her on Colbert maybe and what a voice! Really powerful and no one can do that horse song like she can. Sorry Glee!

    Great work! I hope you're ready for more!!! wink wink!

  2. Vita Plastica- I adore her. My year has actually sucked in many areas, and it seems like her songs reflect so much of the ways I think and feel. The parts no one see. Her music has helped me "shake it out" on more than one occasion.

    I am SO ready for more!! :D

  3. As I mentioned before, I think I was a red head in a former life because I just love them. Her hair gives her a very unique look. Love it.

  4. Vanessa- I LOVE red hair. I can't tell you when the obsession began, but it just never went away. I have gone darker red before. This doll's red wouldn't look right on me. Doing this re-root makes me want to go back to red. lol Now you are being an enabler... :) Again, thank you for the wonderful comments!

  5. Very nice Cat! Wow, you do a reroot in a couple days...amazing. It takes me forever. Which method do you use?

  6. Georgia Girl- Thank you! I use the knot method. :) It has taken me some practice to get a routine down for the way I re-root. If the head is Lea/Kayla or Goddess size the re-root really doesn't take long at all. What method do you use?

  7. Google Monkey depot and they have a huge selection of nude figures and also loose parts for sale! I get my stuff here and ive been dealing with them for four years! I love the re root! She looks alot better with straight red hair then the curly hair she had previously!

  8. Hi Cat, I use the knot method as well. I like to do it while watching tv. The hardest one I have ever done was a commissioned silkstone. That was a real job! It seems to take me forever.

  9. William- I am hoping to scope out some fellas on Monkey depot. I have my eyes on a few of them. :) Thank you for the re-root compliment! I liked her curly hair, but it turned frizzy on me. :( Wish there was a way to keep it big and curly but I haven't mastered that yet.

    Georgia Girl- I never watch TV and re-root. I tried it and it seemed like it took forever. I go faster with music and direct continual focus on the project I am plugging away at. lol I have never re-rooted a Silkstone but I have re-rooted a hard head doll and it does take longer. Did you use a heating pad?