Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Presenting Haven's Sister Kiko...

Kiko is formerly a Benetton Osaka Barbie. 

The link isn't my picture but that is what she looked like before I re-rooted her and placed her on a Liv body. She will be Haven's younger sibling, but don't let her stature fool you. Kiko is not a teenager. I blended a couple shades of brown through her black hair to give her subtle highlights.  I haven't added her character bio yet but I will let everyone know when I do. 

She was re-rooted in one night! I am so excited to introduce her into the doll drama. :)

I think this girl is going to be a blast! :) 
Thank you all for reading! 

-Cat of A Doll Affinity


  1. She looks good! Love the reroot!

  2. She's lovely!! It's a great frankendolly, love her face and how well it fits in the pivotal body.

  3. Rerooted in one night?! Amazing! She's beautiful. Haven, I have had some experience lending out my sister's clothes. Let's hope Kiko doesn't throttle you in your sleep!

  4. Hi , those photo are really cute! Congrat!
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    Kisses Andy

  5. Hello from Spain: I did not know that the body of the Liv serve him at the head of Barbie. I was perfect. The reflections of you were very natural hair. The face of the doll is beautiful and still has that body better. I look forward to seeing it in action. We remain in contact blog blog

  6. You did an amazing job, WOW! She doesn't even look like the same doll. She's perfect on the LIV body. Like people, I think dolls should come in all shapes, sizes and heights too. ;)

    Can't wait to see her role in Doll Drama.

  7. Chynadoll- Thank you!! ;) Were you able to get my reply to your e-mail? I wasn't sure if it sent.

    Rossetti-lol I love making frankendollies My entire collection is filled with them! :) I thought she looked super cute on the Liv body. Thank you for commenting!

    Vitaplastica- I have been a re-rooting mad woman this week! lol I can complete most soft head re-roots in 24-48 hours. And Haven may get a good swift kick in the ass....the only thing working in his favor would be that Kiko likes Nahla. lol

    Andrea B.- Thank you! :)

    Marta- I was also pleasantly surprised at how perfect she looked on the Liv body. I think it really captures her spunky personality. :) Thank you for staying in touch!!

    Tracy India- Thank you Tracy! :) I didn't like her original pig tails. It limited her possibilities and I just didn't think they suited her. Took me forever to finally tackle her. She is such a hard to find doll, so I waited until I was confident enough to rip all of her hair out and go for it. lol Glad I did.

    New Episode should be posted by Monday! Wish me luck! lol

  8. Love her!!! I love her outfit and the fact that she isnt the same size as a standard barbie! Hope to see your action figure in the story soon too! ;)

  9. How beautiful is she! Great job on her. I really love the LIV bodies for my Asian dolls particularly. All of my Asian men seem to be short, so it works really nice putting the ladies on the smaller bods.

  10. William- Thank you!! :D She is my little cutie. Action figures will appear in the future. Thanks to you!

    Vanessa- The Liv bodies are something I am just starting to take seriously. The only draw back I have found thus far, are the feet. But I am working to overcome that hurdle. My Asian fella is super tall. You will laugh when you see their scene together in Episode 13. I laughed editing the pictures. The height difference is obvious, but endearing. Thank you for the generous compliment! :)