Friday, November 11, 2011

Tokidoki inspired OOAK by me :)

So I have been working diligently on this doll all week. She should be completely done sometime tomorrow. But, I had to share what she is like thus far. I should re-name myself the impatient artist. ;)

Please excuse my terrible bedroom wall. :) My room is in the finished attic. 
I made her top and bubble skirt, hand painted on her tattoo, re-painted her lips (going to seal them tomorrow), made her a headband and bracelet, painted her finger nails, and of course I re-rooted her. ;)

The following picture shows off a new hair blending technique I discovered. She is re-rooted in white and sea foam green/blue saran hair. The ends look tipped in white. It is really beautiful in person but here is a picture to attempt showcasing it...

I was inspired to do this doll from all the Tokidoki madness. The plan is to auction her off and donate a percentage of the money to a reputable charity. I will give everyone further details as I have them. :)
I decided it was best to turn my negative feelings into something positive. 

Thank you for stopping by!! And a HUGE WELCOME to all my fast increasing followers!!
I send lots of dolly love your way!! 

-Cat of A Doll Affinity


  1. OMG!!!!!!!!! I love the real tokidoki Barbie, but this one has nothing to envy her!!! She's simply perfect from hair to toes! Really wonderful job, you're a total artist!!

  2. Awesome job! I really love the color you picked for her hair!

  3. Gorgeous!!!! I love the color choice for her hair. You are so talented and truly amazing how you reroot so fast.

  4. Rossetti- That is such a sweet compliment! :D She has been a challenge here and there, but I am happy she is almost done. Again, thank you so so much!! Your words have really cheered me up! :D

    Frannie- Thank you! The hair color was a last minute decision. :) I suppose that was a good thing this time. lol

    Georgia Girl- Thank you very much! ^_^ She took a little longer but that is because I didn't stick to it as well as I could have. Sometimes I just can't focus and you just can't force creativity. I know you know what I mean. :)

  5. Simply beautiful! You are amazingly talented! I love her. Watch out Mattel, there are folks out here that are giving you some fierce competition. Congrats Cat, you rocked this doll! My hats off to you :) I am totally inspired!

  6. Chynadoll- That is a HUGE compliment coming from you! :D Thank you! I think my dream job would be designing collector Barbie dolls for Mattel. I have so many ideas. lol But we are giving them a run for their money. ;) More power to the doll artists! Again, thank you so much. It is my honor to inspire someone as talented as you. I will be doing an eye re-paint on a ken doll in the near future. The first eye non-over paint I will be doing. Wish me luck and send some of your talented energy my way. ;)

  7. I agree with everyone else to say she is awsome! I love her tattoos so far!

  8. Hello from Spain: I love how you left the Barbie. The hair is fantastic. The dress is fantastic. Congratulations for this work so good. We remain in a contect blog Blog

  9. You are more than welcome :) Power to the doll artists for real! That is also my dream job, when I retire I want to have my own shop designing collector Barbie dolls under my own name! Post pics when you do your eye re-paint. I am sending talented energy your way girlfriend. I will be trying to re root soon as well.
    P.S, I am getting that package we spoke about out to you some time this week

  10. William- Thank you! :)

    Marta- Thanks a bunch!! :)

    Chynadoll- Power to all of us for sure! :) It would be such a dream job. <3 If you run into any problems while re-rooting just drop me a message and I will try to help you out. *hugs*
    That is great about the package. I have to clean up the rest of the donations by the 19th because that is when our meeting is. lol I will keep an eye out for the package. Thanks again!!