Friday, November 18, 2011

Not posting for a week= MONSTER POST! *Rawr*

I haven't blogged for several days. But that is because tomorrow is the last doll meeting/party for the year. Next meeting will be taking place sometime in January.  I have been a busy girl getting ready! :) I finished cleaning up donations this week, and I took a couple of pictures (please excuse the poor quality of some of the pics in this post, as I have been taking them on the fly)...

It's a rather large box which is awesome! I went through my stuff again, and found more to get rid of. I can't ever seem to hold onto things I don't think I'll use for long. Purging my doll stuff regularly feels great. Plus it's nice when I can make room for new stuff. Although, this purge was for very different reasons, as most of you already know, this purge was done in the spirit of giving. <3 

So, after spending most of my week preparing the above box, I readied a doll for a game that we'll be playing at the party tomorrow called "Doll Story." I think that might be an unofficial name for it. Please correct me if I have it wrong. Anyway, we each bring a dressed doll in nice condition that we don't mind parting with. Someone reads a Barbie story, and every time the word "Barbie" is read you pass the doll to the person next to you (not sure if it is passed clock wise or counter clock wise).  Whichever doll you're holding when the story ends is the doll you get to keep. :)  I had a naked reproduction doll lying around in plastic for over a year. I made her a skirt and a top, and decided she would be my "doll story" doll.
Here she is...

Not what I consider my best work, but at least she isn't naked. 
The skirt is actually from a relatively simple pattern I made.
I've been doing that quite a bit lately.  The sewing bug has bit me.

Next, we are each supposed to bring some sort of food for everyone, and I volunteered to make my Mamaw's amazing Pineapple upside down cake. I make it every year during Thanksgiving and Christmas in her memory. <3 It turned out beautiful. I sprinkled some extra love into it (brown sugar). I do cook, but it isn't my favorite activity. No Betty Crocker over here.  ;P

Look yummy? :)

Last, but not least, I got these two gals dressed for Show and Tell...
 I know you've seen Kiko and Florence, but the girls at doll club haven't. 
Miss Florence (on the right) is rocking another dress from the very talented Joan of Joan's emporium on eBay.  It's my favorite dress so far. The green one Sienna wore in episode 13 is a close second! :D

That covers doll meeting, now onto a new purchase that I mentioned in my last post. 
He is Hypnotic Francisco. <3  
This handsome fella arrived earlier in the week, and will be appearing in Doll Drama soon. ;)
He's already made a friend. 

Pickles, (my cat) and Eli. So cute! And no, I do not generally let Pickles snuggle with my dolls, but they just kinda bonded. My sweet boys. Although, I think Eli's sweetness ends here. *hint* ;)

Here is a better shot of just Eli..
*drool* Eh ehm...I had hoped to have a character profile prepared for him, but I haven't made it that far yet. More than likely he will have one next week, and don't worry I will blog about it when it is posted. :)

More exciting news...Nahla has a mom and dad!! Yay!!! I have been working on finding the perfect family members for her. I still need her oldest sister, her brother, and their Aunt (Nahla's mom's sister). Stay tuned this is going to get confusing!!! Haha! ;) 
Vanessa, these dolls are gonna be so down for that therapy session. These dolls are about to spiral into being even more out of control.....*rips out hair and laughs wildly* 
Um, maybe I need some therapy too...? :D

I present Nahla and Chandra's mom and dad...

 How cute are they? :)

Still making final decisions on their names. If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment! I love suggestions. ;) 

Oh, and FINALLY...I updated the mall again. 

 The twins have been working at 'Fire and Ice Fever' for a  few weeks now. 
They seem fascinated by their latest customer. I wonder why... :)

^ Chandra at work.

Again, sorry about the photo quality being absolute crap.
I was in a rush, but you get the idea.

Well, that's all for now. I will more than likely post a blog about how doll meeting/party goes sometime this coming week. Oh and Persephone's sister should be making her debut as well. ;)

Play on, and have a STELLAR weekend! 
Thank you for reading all of my insane ramblings. 
You're the best! <3

-Cat of A Doll Affinity


  1. You lucky girl, Eli is gorgeous! I'm loving Nahla's parents. I have that same GI Joe and he's someone's dad too. The parents make a beautiful couple. And I'm loving the re-root on Mckenzie a.k.a Florence.

    The boutique is so cool. You have so many props and I really like the way you have it all set up. Hope to hear what happens at the meet up. :)

    Looking forward to the next episode.

  2. Cat loving all the goodies you're parting with. I also love your rebodied & rerooted ladies. I'm getting my stuff together for club meeting next weekend. We collect toys year round to donate to kids. I'm just gonna say it I have Hypnotic laying around. He and the fellas need a get together maybe a poker night :O)

    Loving the boutique as well. It looks like a great place to shop

  3. You have been busy!! Eli is a hunk. I love your mall it is fantastic ^_^ !! Can't wait for more doll drama. Nalha's parents look great. Those GI Joe dolls make great dads!! Have fun at your dolly get together =D

  4. Nice post Cat. First off, the Doll Story idea is great. I am President of my doll club, so this an idea for us to do maybe next year...hmmm. Lol! Your cake came pretty and I'm sure the taste will be good. Eli is handsome, love your rebodied dolls, and I love your dio. I wanted this set, but unfortunately never found it. Now I have no space for it.

    Hope you have fun at your meeting. I am heading to mine as well as soon as I finish this post.

  5. Great post, full of great images and wonderful dollies, I love the shop, it's amazing!

  6. Tracy- I do love Eli, and he was a lucky deal! Thank goodness I finally found him! ;) Nahla's parents are too fun and cute. I really like them as a couple. And thank you for the compliment on the re-root.

    Would you believe it, the boutique got updated again. You'll see why in the next couple of posts. It wasn't planned. lol Getting all these props has been quite the journey. But there always seems to be so much more I want to make/do. lol

    Dollz4Moi- That's awesome that you collect them year round. :) I joined the doll club half way through and am still learning how everything works. But I will definitely be starting a box for donations at the beginning of the year. I promise to be better prepared. lol What are you preparing for your doll meeting? And thank you for the boutique compliment!

    Miranda-Thank you! :D The G.I. Joe fellas make fabulous dads and pretty good villains if you grab the right ones (still working on that). :)

    Georgia Girl- The doll story game was fun. We were all laughing. :) I will explain how all that went in my next post. But I highly recommend it! :D Hope you had an amazing time at meeting.

    Rossetti- Thank you Rossetti! :D Next post is going to have a lot more images!! Cannot wait to show everyone what the doll meeting/party was like.

  7. Love your post! Your pineapple cake looks delish! Momma would be proud :)
    You take the nicest pics of your dolls! They look almost human in their poses. The game sounds like so much fun. Eli is a hunk!
    Be blessed

  8. Chynadoll- You know I feel so slow getting back to everyone lately. I really gotta work on that. lol The cake was yummy. I made another one for Thanksgiving dinner. :) And that is such a HUGE compliment on my pictures. I try to humanize my dollies as much as I can. Thank you very much for such sweet words!! I love me some Eli! lol :D