Monday, January 2, 2012

New Episode for the New Year!!

A Doll Affinity will be going through some changes in 2012. Many of which you will start to see as of this week. I am terribly excited to update the site and post more frequently. So to start everything off with a bang here is Episode 14 of Doll Drama! Long overdue, but well worth the wait. 
Happy New Year to each of you and to those of you just joining my site....
THANK YOU!! (^_^)

***Please note: This episode contains adult themes, but you'll never see anything here that they couldn't show on regular television.***

You will begin to notice, through out this week, I will start to swap out all of the audio from my Doll Drama videos. I have decided to make my videos more accessible all over the world. Because no one should have to miss an Episode due to copy write issues!!  This episode marks the beginning of that trend. Hopefully, you will still enjoy the characters, plot, and pictures without the cool music choices of yesteryear. ;)

Another special thank you to Ms. Leo for sending me this adorable hat and scarf for Christmas!! You're a doll who just happens to love dolls! ;) Thank you!!

(Scarf and hat modeled by "Celestia") 

And last, I realized I have a ton of pretty dresses no one ever sees, so for New Year's Day I dressed "Lissette" in the following luxury item and gave her a temporary up do. 

I hope everyone is ready for the big new year ahead for each of us!! 

Wishing you all happiness and prosperity! 

-Cat of A Doll Affinity


  1. I'm so glad to see more "doll drama." Haven is so cool, I love his protective vibe he has over his sister Kiko and friend Nana. Eli better be careful not to mess over Kiko or Haven will knock him out, LOL. Nana's haircut is suuuuper cute on her!

    I loved this episode, very artistic! Can't wait for the next episode. :)

  2. Lisette is stunning. Also kudos for being responsible about copyrighted music. One reason I haven't ventured into video stories is because I haven't developed a source of royalty free music yet.

  3. Lisette is lovely. I enjoyed this episode and loved everything about your dio. The music selection was great. Looking forward to the drama...I mean next episode lol!

  4. Hello from SpAin, with the new year seems to have come the renewal of the blog. I look forward to the changes. Lissette is really great with the dress so fancy. With reference to the video i,m still assimilating. IT is truly innovate with the players as if they were really models. Nana is ver y cute with that haircut the french. I like Haven protect the family. IT,s like real life. Keep in touch

  5. What beautiful barbies you have! Where do you get the "fancy" ones? and do they cost a ton of money? lol... I'm new to this whole barbie world lol

  6. Tracy- So happy to finally curb the Doll Drama craving. I will be writing episode 15 this week. I hadn't done an episode in so long I forgot how much work goes into them. lol Eli is going to be one more character to push limits. But there wouldn't be any decent drama without those characters. :) And Nana's hair seems to be a hit which is a HUGE relief because she needs a re-root. haha!

    Limbe Dolls- Thanks you! She has really grown on me since I got her. :) And as far as the music goes YouTube has a neat audio swap option to avoid copyright issues. At least, so far, it has been effective.

    Georgia Girl- Thank you! :) Haha! I know the drama is what keeps the plot rushing forward. I do these to entertain everyone. They are meant to make people smile, laugh, and think. :) Oh and the dio was alst minute and thrown together. SO glad it didn't show. ;)

    Marta- Thank you for the spectacular compliments. I do try to humanize my dolls quite a bit. That way we can all relate to them through out each episode. :) I too look forward to the New Year and New blogs!

    Cheryl- Thank so much for commenting. :) I always love meeting more dolly people. The fancy dress in the picture above is from Venetian Opulence Masquerade Barbie. It was a gift from a long time friend of mine. And you can actually find some decent "fancier" gowns from oversees. But you have to keep an eye out as some are made very cheaply. The above is higher quality due to it being from a limited collector Barbie. I only have a few beautiful knock offs. Haha! There is SO much to learn and see being new! WELCOME!! :)

  7. I love the new look of your blog! Celestia looks lovely in the hat and scarf. Lissette and her gown are killer!

  8. Ms. Leo- Thank you!! :) I am still tweaking things I'm not sure if I like yet. lol But isn't that always how it goes? I knew Celestia was the gal who could really showcase your beautiful gift! :) And as for Lissette, she thanks you for such generous words. ;)