Saturday, January 7, 2012

Too hot to handle...but I'm gonna handle him anyway... ;)

Ladies and Gentlemen may I introduce you to the newest addition in my male Fashion Royalty doll obsession....

He is Staying Power Darius Reid but I have re-named him "Mason" due to another doll already having his original name. Never thought I would get to own a real Darius, or the naming process would have gone differently. ;)  

 Closer, can be better.  (^_^)

I am so excited to have him in my collection!! He came to me all the way from Canada for only $74 SHIPPED! I got so fortunate in 2011 and added 3 (this fella included) to my Fashion Royalty Male collection. I ordered him the day before Christmas and got him today. 
This year will prove to put more focus on my male doll collection, as the girls got tons of exposure last year. Of course you will still see my gals, as I have a Kayla/Lea mass photo shoot planned in the future. 

You may notice there are two new pages in the tabs area of my blog. One is the "About Me" tab and the other is the "Doll Drama Episodes" tab.  All episodes are now in an organized easy to access area. And as of right now, I have made all my videos viewable to all! Lots of Audio swapping took place, but it was worth it. What I didn't mention is that the continuance of "Doll Drama" depended on the popularity of Episode 14. The episodes are very time consuming and I love them, but after I was gone so long I didn't know if anyone would still be interested in seeing more. I am happy to report, we will continue making videos!! Episode 15 is planned to arrive in the next two weeks. Thank you for still believing in me and my ability to entertain each of you with my doll stories.

Over the next couple of days I will be giving the blog a new look. I already gave the YouTube channel an overhaul, and it looks a lot more doll friendly. ;) 

I hope 2012 is treating everyone well, and WELCOME to all my new followers since my last post!! 
I love hearing from each of you!

-Cat of A Doll Affinity


  1. I love the new look! I purchased mason (Darius) at Wu Con and I have yet to debox him. You got him for a really good price. Yay, episode 15 is coming soon!

  2. Thank you Georgia Girl! :) I wouldn't have been able to keep him in the box. lol I feel so fortunate to have gotten him so reasonably. Liking Fashion Royalty fellas can get super expensive. And I'm stoked that you're stoked about episode 15! Believe it or not, it motivates me to get it done faster. lol

  3. I thought so. ;) Thanks affandydesign!

  4. Whew! Thank goodness you're gonna keep going with Doll Drama! I have a few favorite characters, so I am hooked. :)

    Congrats on Mason...he's gorgeous!!

  5. Thank you Tracy...I'm in love all over again! lol And all of my fellow doll story friends(you are totally one of them!) keep me going and inspired when I feel like throwing in the doll sized towel. ;) So glad you have favorites!!

  6. I am so glad you are going to continue with the story. I just started reading it and I too and hooked!!! I would be so sad if it was over.

    Loving you new man. He is a hottie!!! I bet he won't be single for too long.

  7. He is handsome! Congrats on getting him and at a great price! Love your new blog layout! Looking forward to the next episode as well!

  8. Hello from Spain: very good changes in the blog. I really like your Mason. Does wearing the shirt that you bought? I like a lot to me Ken. I look forward to your men's collection and the supplements that they have. I also want to keep watching your videos. We remain in contact blog blog

  9. He's so foxy. I've been eyeing that one too. Love the new blog layout too. Very Warhol. Can't wait to see what hearts Mason is going to break!

  10. April W.- Thank you! That means so much to hear you're hooked. ;) I will definitely keep going. And I don't think Mason will be single for long either. lol

    Chynadoll- Thank you! :) I couldn't open his box fast enough! lol And I am definitely getting use to the new look. I think I like it. lol And I am very excited to bring everyone episode 15.

    Marta- His clothes are from various other dolls. The outer shirt is from a Twilight Edward doll. I too am really looking forward to showcase the guys for a change. :) And I am happy I still have your awesome support! Thank you for your very kind comment!!

    Vita Plastica- Yes, he is! lol He is worth every moment of eyeing him in person. ;) After doing this post I realized he looks AMAZING in leather pants. Also, Adrian is definitely getting dreadlocks due to the inspiring picture you sent me. I just don't know when that will be. Maybe I will work on him while working on your gals at the same time. Since it is more time effective with the hard head re-roots to do it that way. I cannot thank you enough for sharing that picture with me!! And I had a feeling you would like the new look. ;) It is Warhol-esk. lol

  11. Love the new blog look! You know Darius is my man so congrats on getting him! He is quite the Christmas present. I look forward to seeing Ep #15. Hang in there. I know how time consuming they are. Just remember to have fun with them. They are not meant to stress you out.

  12. Vanessa- I HAD to breathe some new life into this place, and the more I see it, the happier I am with it. So, thank you for taking the time to enjoy it. :) He really was an amazing Christmas gift to myself. lol Can't go wrong with this one! And it is so wonderful to hear the words, "just remember to have fun" from someone who has done WAY more videos than I have. You're always so on it and I admire your drive! You set such a spectacular example. We all tell our doll stories different and it is right down wonderful. :) When I feel like throwing my camera out the window I'll remember to breathe and remember that it is meant to be fun. lol ;)

  13. I have got to get me a FR male. They look like so much fun. I love the name you chose for him. Can't wait to see him in future episodes!!

    BTW I love your new background ^_^

  14. Miranda- You really should! But once you start getting obsession forms. I wish they weren't so expensive! lol

    And thank you for the compliment on the new blog look!