Sunday, January 15, 2012

Our Character Interview Winner! The results are in!

You know, I could not be more excited.  And I could say the results were close, but they weren't. One man stood above the rest in the poll. Ladies and Gentlemen allow me the pleasure of revealing our winner...

Charming even with an arm load of dresses, Haven, you are the winner!

So, what's next in getting this interview moving? 
 Well, I need everyone to post questions they would like to see Haven answer.  

Where can you post these questions? 
You may post any and all potential interview questions here in the comments section of this blog entry. 
Or you can send your questions via e-mail to: 
And you may also leave interview questions in the comments section of this Flickr Picture.

I hope that each of you will send in your questions!! This interview is going to be a ton of fun! 
And the author of each interview question used will be mentioned during the interview. 

Have fun and be creative. Let's make him blush! (^_^)
The deadline for interview question entries is January 22nd, 2012. 

-Cat of A Doll Affinity


  1. When was Haven most heart broken over a girl? Ex or not.

  2. Asian males and African American females couples are popping up all over the place now; a few episodes back you kissed Sienna! Sienna is now single, do you see a future with her or were you just being a heart-breaker?

  3. Hello Haven my question to you is...

    After what happened between you and Nahla if she were not married would you have pursued something?

  4. Hi Haven, my biggest question to you is how do you really feel about Nana? Is marriage in your future? What about kids, would you like to have them and if so how many?

  5. Haven, does your family know about your penchant for black ladies and if they do, how do they feel about it?

  6. Hi from spain, i have two questions for Haven.
    1.- I want to know what goals to pursure your modeling career and in the case of not getting the success you going to do with your career? we all know that modeling career is very short in time.
    2.- You move into the fashion world, what is you favorite designer? Tommy, Ralf Lauren, Dolcce&Gabbana, Armani...? Thanks and keep in touch

  7. Thank you for the questions so far!! :) Keep em' comin'!!