Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Part Two of The Dream Doll Room :)

Before I get started I just want to state how amazing it was to get over 300 blog views between the hours of midnight and 4am! :D How neat is that? I feel so blessed being able to share Julie's hard work with individuals from all over the world! Many of you have stated that it is like you're there walking through, and I wanted so much for each of you to view it in that way. It is like a museum. What I didn't mention in my last post is that Julie invited A Doll Affinity to shoot an episode of Doll Drama in her spectacular doll room!! It will be sometime early next year, as we agreed that waiting until after the holidays is best. :) No worries, I will let you know when that episode is on its way. And Episode 14 should be on its way within the next two weeks. I have to get some characters and props. 

Alright, let's continue to view the amazing...

To kick off Part Two of the tour we will be viewing the corner shelf that is directly to the left of where we ventured in  the last post.

 And yes, you can and do get lost in this little corner of 1/6 paradise! :)

We Start with a continuance, and the final installment of "Antiques and Treasures".

I looked through this area for awhile! I'm sure each of you see why. These 3 pictures are in order from left to right. This is all one diorama on the top level of the corner shelf.

The glass cases are such a classic touch.

Look at the little dolls, on the top shelf, behind the shoppers!

The second shelf is mind blowing. Prepare yourself!
"Second Time's A Charm! Resale Boutique":)

 Again, you will notice the genius use of candle holders! :)

Now we arrive at the 3rd shelf down...
 Again, these are from the left to the right of the dioramas.

 You can sort of see the track lighting, I mentioned in the last post, in the picture above.
 How warm and inviting is this? :) 

 The 4th and final diorama in the corner shelf...

 Just when you think the details couldn't be more eye popping...they are! :)

 I love the covered wagon shelf. 

The following 2 set ups are on top of this diorama shelf... 

Now, onto a shelf display she has placed next to her stunning doll cabinet. I didn't get a picture of it in it's entirety, so I will show you the few shelves I did get pictures of. Such a neat display idea for those of us that don't have a lot of space. :)  

I loved her art studio idea. From the realistic paintings to the little paint sets, this lovely artist is ready to create! :) 

This is the 2nd shelf in this unit... neat isn't it? :)

And this is the last shelf I got a decent picture of.  So cute!! When I saw it I completely broke out into saying, "awww". :) 
Well, that is all for the Part Two installment! Stay tuned for the Part Three Finale of the tour.
Thank you to all of my new followers and friends for being so encouraging!!

May you be blessed and smiling upon viewing/reading this.  :)

-Cat of A Doll Affinity


  1. More! More! More!

    And, um, thanks...

    More! More! More!

  2. Wow!! She has an extensive collection of props. Thanks so much for sharing. I am truly enjoying this...so much detail.

  3. I just open my computer this morning hoping to see this 2nd part hee hee :)
    thanks ! you made my day!!

  4. Awesome display. Thanks for sharing this collection with us!

  5. Does Miss Julie sew? The quilted denim skirt is fabulous!

  6. Very nice! Wow! Is this just up for display or does she play with it? Are there other areas of the room? Will you be doing an interview with her?

  7. Hello from Spain: Thanks for showing more photos of Julie's collection. The antiques and cabinets are fantastic. I never tire of watching them. Now I hope other third party. Can you tell me if Julie has blog or website to follow? We remain in contact blog blog

  8. Oh my goodness, that is amazing! Just when I think I should slow down with buying I see something like this. Thank you so much for sharing. She has such awesome ideas! Fantastic. I need time to sit down and take it all in!

  9. Cat, this two-day post has been a visual treat. I LOVE your friend Julie's creative setting.

    @Limbe Dolls - I that Barbie outfit is by Mattel for Western Plains Barbie doll, 2000. I recognized it because it was on my Wish List for some time. No, alas, I did not get it.

    @Cat - pardon my butting in, I am so in awe and excited to see dolls, outfits, and items I recognize. Like the Liv "mannequins" included with the Liv outfits shown in the third from the last photo. And is that a Momoko outfit that the doll in that photo is wearing?

    Oh so very tempting to create something like this. Thanks for the boost by sharing these photos in your blog! I'm NOT surprised that you received over 300 views in four hours. Congrats on that accomplishment, too ;-D

  10. Hello Cat! This is beyond wonderful. I almost missed it. I happened to see it on Flickr. Even though I am a follower, it seems like your posts aren't showing in my reader. I really have to fix that. I can't risk missing things like this. Now I have to go back to see Part 1!

  11. Laura- Your enthusiasm is amazing! More will come soon, now that the holiday rush is settling. :)

    Georgia Girl- You are more than welcome. So happy I could share this with all of my awesome doll friends. :)

    Dominique- Happy I could make your day. Part 3 will be coming soon!! :)

    Frannie- You are very welcome! Thank you for stopping in and commenting! :)

    Limbe Dolls- I think she does sew, but I am unaware to the full extent of her sewing prowess. I will add that to my list of questions to ask her next time we speak. :) I agree, the skirt is "fabulous."

    Ms. Leo- She changes the dolls out and dresses them on occasion. I believe her extent of play is to add new props and change things up now and then. I really should interview her. You just gave me a great idea!! :) Oh, and there is one area left for me to showcase in part 3. Thanks for the great comment!

    Marta- Thank you very much! She does not have a website. She is a very private person, but thank you for your interest. I hope to interview her and I will post the interview here. Keep in touch. :)

    Vita Plastica- Uh oh! I hope I have not enable a buying frenzy! lol I know I am tempted to go crazy with my budget at hobby lobby based on what I saw. Oh if only you could have been there!! Still working on that killer spaceship?

    D7ana- Thank you! :) You aren't butting in at all! And I am not sure if that is a Momoko outfit...good question. She doesn't have any Momoko's in her collection. Another question to ask her. :) And thank you for the congrats!!

    Vanessa- I hope the blogspot glitch gets fixed. I know how much you enjoy dioramas! I thought about sending you a message but I didn't want to pester you. lol So happy you saw it! The third installment should be posted in the next couple of days.